Happy Halloween 2017

Wishing you and your families a safe and happy Halloween!

One thing that should never be spooky? Your surface pressure monitoring. You need a reliable, accurate, real time solution for your DFIT, Mini Frac, and Offset Well Monitoring requirements. Our adjustable pressure alarms, fast-loading charts, and rapid sampling rates give operators peace-of-mind during their operations. All of this coupled with the fact that we store your readings directly at the wireless sensor mean you don't need to worry about hazards or data loss risks associated with wired solutions.

This halloween, contact Abra Controls for all your surface pressure monitoring needs.

  • Portable, lightweight solution allows for rapid deployment and fast installations
  • Wireless sensors eliminate the hazards associated with wired solutions
  • Real time charts allow operators to make informed decisions and course corrections if necessary
  • Readings are time synchronized for easier post-job data analysis
  • Post-job records can be downloaded in PDF or CSV format for review and proof of due diligence

Abra Controls Halloween Sensors

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