A Meet and Greet with Team Abra!

At Abra, collaboration is key. In honor of this core value, we thought we'd take some time to let our employees do the talking!

We're so proud to work with so many men and women who are committed to building the business, developing innovative solutions, and ensuring client satisfaction. We asked a few of our hardworking employees some questions about the business.

Global Petroleum Show 2016
Calgary Head Office

What's the best part of your job?

  • "I love working for an entrepreneurial-minded company that allows me to tangibly add value and influence decisions. Also, my coworkers are a wonderful group of professionals. We work hard and we have fun." - Tara Larochelle (Houston, Texas)
  • "My favorite part of the job so far has been learning a new end of the oil and gas business and the new people that go along with it." - Andrew Sproule (Calgary, Alberta)
  • "Abra allows me opportunities that I would not have in other fields of work in the Bakken area. I have a job that encourages continuous learning and I get to balance my family life with my work life, while still making a difference in the data acquisition world." - Sherry Saulters (Williston, North Dakota)

In your opinion, what's the coolest feature of the Abra solution?

  • "I am so proud of our R&D and Operations teams for their commitment to continually developing our innovative products and services. Recently, I've been most excited about our wireless tank-level sensors and our real time flow meters." - Tara Larochelle (Houston, Texas)
  • "For me, it's a tie between the new meshing features of the sensor and our new all-in-one gateway, both of which open up doors on a lot of untapped applications for the product." - Andrew Sproule (Calgary, Alberta)
  • "Through the years, Abra's solution has grown so much, but also stayed committed to its core features. I think that having memory stored directly at the sensor, so that data is never lost, our user-focused charts, adjustable pressure alarms, and quick job set ups really set us apart." - Sherry Saulters (Williston, North Dakota)

What excites you most about Abra's future?

  • "I see so much opportunity in the United States for our products and services. I really believe that we can empower operators through improved data collection - real time, wireless, synchronized time stamping, portable solutions! Our products are innovative, really cutting-edge, and we have no plans to stop developing and improving our solutions. I'm most looking forward to expanding our territory and welcoming new talent and leaders to team Abra!" - Tara Larochelle (Houston, Texas)
  • "When I first learned about Abra, I was attracted by the potential. I think we have some great opportunities ahead of us!" - Andrew Sproule (Calgary, Alberta)
  • I love Abra's ability to look ahead towards new opportunities. We are always looking forward and innovating our products and services. I've also been lucky to work with great consultants, oil companies, and frac crews, who all truly care about collecting valuable field data. I look forward to what the future holds!" - Sherry Saulters (Williston, North Dakota)

To learn more about our innovative products and services, visit us online and look for us on social media (Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

If you're interested in teaming up with an innovative oilfield service provider, check out the current job openings on our Careers Page

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