Memory Storage at the Sensor

We know the hassles that wired solutions can have. Wires can detach, loosen, or get cut. Wires become particularly frustrating to work with in cold temperatures. More than that, they create unsightly tripping hazards at site, which can be an added safety concern for operators.

When our leadership first had the idea for a new surface monitoring solution, we knew that wireless was the only way to go. Since then, we've been diligently working with our partners to continually develop our innovative sensors and offer an improved solution.

In our business, it is imperitive that all of the data be delivered to our clients. Clients use this valuable data to assess their reservoir and formation, to analyze performance, and to make important decisions.

At Abra, we are committed to providing a solution that consistently provides our valued clients with all of their data. As part of this commitment, we are proud to announce that we have implemented new memory storage capabilities. Unlike other technologies where readings are stored at the RTU, in the case of a temporary loss in communication our innovative wireless sensors store readings directly at the sensor!

Why is it important to store readings directly at the sensor, rather than at the RTU?

  • No risk of data loss from faulty wired equipment
  • If communication between the RTU and the sensor is lost, data is not compromised

Our innovative, real time, wireless solution has always eliminated the safety risks associated with wired solutions, and now we've also eliminated the risk of data loss that remains a challenge for both our wired and non-wired competitors.

When data matters, like during DFIT and Mini Frac operations, don't take the risk - contact Abra today for all of your surface pressure monitoring needs.

Wireless Sensor

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